Rome meets China in the exhibition “The capital of the Yellow River: Lanzhou the Golden City”. A voyage for sight aimed at increasing socio-cultural exchanges and thus generating mutual value between the two nations. The event was inaugurated on June 25 at SET-Spazio Eventi Tirso and organized by the Department of Communication of the city of Lanzhou and the Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles of Lanzhou together with the association of artists, calligraphers and photographers of Lanzhou.

For five consecutive years this event was held in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and also in Xiamen and Urumqi with great success. This is the sixth edition and it is not just about bringing the culture of Lanzhou abroad, but also about bringing the artistic essence and style of this city to another art capital like Rome. The exhibition represents a dialogue with different meanings between the artistic and cultural circles of Lanzhou and wants to involve Italian and European cultural circles.

This makes it possible to forge friendships using culture and art as a bridge not only with the city of Lanzhou but with all of China for mutual development and knowledge. To promote international cultural exchanges and cooperation between cities, along the “Silk Road” at the inauguration of the exhibition participate representatives of the Lazio Region of the city of Gaeta with which the city of Lanzhou signed an agreement for cultural exchange and cooperation.

Present at the opening ceremony over 100 people: Italian and Chinese representatives of the government of the city of Lanzhou and the Italian government, Roman society, Chinese and Italian artists.



  • Date : 25 June 2018
  • Tags : Exhibitions