Advertising spot for the launch of the new Mercedes Class A

The most extraordinary thing a car can do is approach the human being. This was the starting point for the development of an unprecedented launch campaign that entrusted the task of humanizing technology through art to artificial intelligence. The New A-Class revolutionizes the interaction between driver and car through the MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), a technology with a level of humanization never seen before. For its launch a new communication strategy has been devised that focuses on the most human aspect to which today technology can arrive, the creation of a work of art and in particular a portrait to enhance the claim ‘Just like you ‘. The engagement began with a teaser phase in which a robot that portrayed the passers-by as a technological street artist signing his work with the hashtag #justlikeyou.

Within a mysterious creative hub, other artificial intelligences have created new works shot in a video broadcast in the areas of greatest influx, airports and stations. The reveal was entrusted to two videos starring two influencers who together with other 30 influencers invited the followers to live the experience by connecting to the website Users were able to register on the platform and immediately get their own portrait and collect the paper version from the nearest dealer during the open weekend at the same time in 90 dealers, where, through virtual reality, they experienced an immersive experience that dropped into the creative hub where the robots were at work on their portrait.


  • Date : 27 April 2018
  • Tags : Meeting